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Online DISC® workshops

personality styles
for managers


  DISC® is used to provide insight into behavioral characteristics, strengths of behavior, reasons for conflicts , opportunities for creating added value and strengths of others.


What does DISC® stand for?

The D stands for Direct, Dynamic and Decisive.

The I stands for Interactive, Inspiring and Influential.

The S stands for Stable, Social and Together.

The C stands for Correct, Conscientious and Calculating.


Where is DISC used?

Managing conflicts.

Collaboration and team building.

Determining and improving communication (styles).

Increasing commercial skills.

Improve customer relationships.

Responding to customers' needs and motives.

Reducing conflict and stress, both inter- and intrapersonal


Extensive reports are drawn up on the basis of an online assessment.

Don't be a one-dimensional leader!


To be an effective leader you need to know your own strengths, but that's only part of the story.


You also need to have a broad view of the different (behavioral) styles required to be an effective leader. With help from DISC®   leadership analysis you can use your

identify leadership style.

The assessment clearly shows which elements belong to your natural talents and which still require attention.

The leadership analysis is divided into 3 processes with the different drivers under each process:

Vision: Exploration - Boldness - Testing assumptions

Alignment: Clarity - Dialogue - Inspiration

Execution: Momentum - Structure - Feedback

There is no perfect style that can be applied everywhere.

A humble leader may struggle to make tough decisions, while a conductor may run up against potential talents.

Based on an online assessment (English)

an extensive report is drawn up.


Practical information

Online personal DISC ® coaching
You will receive the comprehensive assessment and
1 hour online coaching with focus on:
- your DISC ® profile
- collaboration with other profiles

- personal communication action plan

DISC ® for Managers

Ideal in combination with the online DISC ® team coaching
As a team manager you have an overview of the styles of your team members.


Then we focus on your management style:
- the 3 pillars Vision - Alignment - Execution

- your leadership style in function of your team
- your leadership action plan

Online DISC ® team coaching
Each participant receives the comprehensive assessment

followed by a 1.5 hour online team session
with focus on:
- the DISC ® profile of each participant
- mutual cooperation & communication

- the team communication plan

The assessments are available in Dutch, French and English

The leadership assessments are available in English